Concrete Countertops Pros and Cons

There are always pros and cons with any surface material

As stated, there are always pros and cons, the best situation to be in, however, is knowledgeable of the material and honest with yourself about your family’s needs. Adding a new concrete kitchen or bathroom countertop takes time and money, so it deserves some thought.

In the interest of being informed, here are a few concrete countertop pros and cons to consider.


Pro = Durability

If properly sealed and maintained a concrete countertop will last a lifetime, which is not shocking seeing how it’s used to build monuments.


Con = Maintenance

To void stains and spills, your concrete countertop will take some maintenance. A regular schedule of applying sealer and wax to protect the surface will be necessary and you should clean spills and messes right away.


Pro = Customize It

Concrete can be formed into just about any shape or fit to match any location. Not only that but concrete can be colored, texturized, and shaped to fit just about any style.


Con = Price

As with anything hand-crafted, concrete can come with a price. They require labor to build. But, any premium material counter-top, such as marble, will cost the same or more.


Pro = Problem Solver

Concrete can be shaped to fit any space. If you are having a hard time finding a premade option to fit an older or uncommonly shaper kitchen or bathroom area, concrete could be your best option.


Con = Time

A concrete countertop is made specifically for your home, so there will be more labor at your home than an installer installing a precut countertop.

If your looking for longevity and a modern look, or if you’re looking for an option to fit a countertop into a nonstandard space, concrete is probably a good option to get a quote on.