Custom Concrete Hearths

Don’t settle for just any fireplace hearth.

When you’re remodeling your living room, it can be tempting to just grab the first thing you see at the store and call it a day. But if you want to upgrade your fireplace without breaking the bank, you’ll be amazed at what a custom concrete hearth can do.

A custom concrete hearth that extends in front of the fireplace can be incorporated into any design and is available in a variety of styles. A fireplace serves as the centerpiece of a room, both visually and socially, with family and guests gravitating to the soothing, flickering backdrop.

Custom Concrete Hearths, Mantle and Surround 2

A concrete fireplace surround can be custom molded and sized to fit any space, from an expansive great room to a cramped bedroom.

Like stone and masonry, concrete combines the ideal qualities of fire resistance and heat retention so it’s perfect for adding warmth to any style home design or aesthetic.

Plus, it’s easy to use! Just pour it on top of your existing brickwork or around your existing firebox—no need for expensive construction work or professional labor! And because we make all our products by hand right here in our workshop by local craftsmen who care about quality craftsmanship (not mass production), you know you’re getting something made with care.

A flushinfloor concrete hearth is a type of hearth that is installed flush with the floor. This type of hearth is often used in homes with a fireplace.

A raised concrete hearth is a concrete platform that is raised above the ground. It is typically used as a platform for a fire pit or other outdoor fireplace.

A cantilevered concrete hearth is a type of fireplace hearth that is supported by a cantilevered beam or joist. The hearth is usually made of concrete, but can also be made of stone or brick. The cantilevered beam or joist allows the hearth to extend beyond the edge of the fireplace opening, which gives the appearance of a floating hearth.