Concrete Kitchen Countertops Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is perhaps the biggest part of the job. Ultimately, that choice will decide how long the project goes, how long you are displaced, the overall cost, and if there are hidden costs, as well as the finished quality and lifespan of the work.

Get to Research

Large Concrete CountertopThe internet can seem like a mess of reviews and articles all pulling you in different directions, but if you know where to look it can be a very helpful tool in finding the right local concrete countertop contractor.

  • Searching: Search for a local contractor. It may seem like larger companies have the most experience and money to help you, but larger companies also have a more disposable client base and are therefore more apt to slack on customer service and finished product quality. If you want a good local concrete contractor it is best to ask around first and secondly, search locally and find someone in your area.
  • Reviews: Reviews can be bought or misleading, but these fake reviews tend to be pretty easy to weed out with a little reading. This creates a situation where you may not be able to trust the star rating. Put your time into reading some of the positive and negative reviews to see if you can get a more realistic idea of the company that you are considering hiring to create your concrete countertops.
  • Insurance: I know we said to go small and local before for your concrete countertop contractor, but not too small. It may be unlikely that anything will go wrong or there will be an onsite injury, but concrete is some heavy stuff so you need to verify that your local countertop contractor is insured.
  • References: It may seem like an odd question to ask, but any local concrete guy worth his weight will have a few happy customers that won’t mind you giving them a call and asking how their experience went. Sure, the contractor is sending you to his best work, but one on one, people will give you the real story.
  • Prices: Unfortunately, price is always a factor and you would be remiss not to consider it. Renovations can be expensive and will be in your home for a long time, so take the extra time to get a few estimates and weigh them out.
  • Personality: Trust your judgment. If communications are minimal or if they seem a little off you might want to reconsider. A quality kitchen concrete countertop contractor will be concerned with their business’s reputation and providing the best customer service from the beginning.

Then Decide

I know, it’s hard to make that decision, but in the end, if you want results you’re going to have to. Of course, we feel that Lawler Construction is your best option for concrete countertops in Redding and Anderson, but if you decide to go in another direction, we hope this article helped you make the best choice for you and your family.