Concrete Bathroom Countertops

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Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Concrete is a modern alternative to traditional natural stone countertops for the bathroom such as marble, quartz, or granite. With concrete countertops in your remodeled bathroom, you get a clean, unique, strong and sturdy surface. Mixing concrete provides infinite color options for any design and look.

Concrete is an incredibly adaptable material and bathroom countertops are only one of the many areas where concrete can be used in the home such as kitchen countertops and more. Visit our online gallery to see even more options.

Concrete is durable with very little need for upkeep making it a lifetime investment adding value and beauty to your home.

Things to Consider for Your New Bathroom Countertops

  • Price: Finding the right price for your home improvement project is a must. Concrete is a cost-effective and long-lasting option, but your needs, wants and resources should always be your driving factor in a decision.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning a concrete countertop in your bathroom is no more difficult than any other surface. All surfaces will take a knowledge of the material and concrete is no different.
  • Design: Design is where concrete truly shines. No other stone surface offers the color, design, and shape textures that a concrete countertop in your bathroom can offer.


Pictures of Concrete Countertops in the Bathroom

Marble Style Concrete
Concrete Bathroom Countertops
Brown Concrete Bathroom Countertop
Traditional Concrete Bathroom Countertop


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